Our Services

Our custom powder coating services are second to none and we strive to provide the best possible service, ensuring that we exceed  expectations every time. With a combination of superior turn-around times, custom solutions, and dedication to research, Colourific Coatings Ltd. has been the place to start for an excellent finish since 1989!

Our facilities offer 50,000 square feet of space that house corporate offices as well as production lines. We have two automated paint lines with multi-colour and quick change capabilities. Our system incorporates product recognition – a sophisticated gun positioning system – and programmable powder output depending on speed and style menu interface to ensure consistent film uniformity and outstanding, repeatable quality.

For demanding applications and to ensure the longevity of our powder coating on bare steel, Colourific Coatings can apply two coats of powder in one pass. One of the powders is an epoxy primer and the other is a polyester top coat – providing greater corrosion protection than a single coat. Our two coat system is combined in a single line, saving our customers time and money.

Colourific Coatings offers a superior architectural aluminum pretreatment system that utilizes a 5-stage washer, meeting the AMMA 2604 specifications.

Colourific is able to coat lengths up to 30 feet long weighing up to 600 lbs, and we use an architectural grade pre-treatment utilizing “dried in place” Alodine® sealer.

We are also able to powder coat much larger and heavier parts with our batch oven which is now operational.

We offer in house shot-blasting services as well as a Batch Oven to do larger/heavier parts.