The markets we serve

At Colourific Coatings we strive to provide the best possible custom powder coating solutions for all of our clients. Whether you require coating of fencing components, automotive parts, architectural elements, pipes and venting, decorative pieces, and more – we have the capacity and capability to create amazing results that are competitively priced and delivered in a minimum turnaround time.

The markets we serve include:

ACE-Agricultural and Heavy Equipment: Agricultural/Heavy Equipment Components
Architectural Aluminum Building Products: Doors, Extrusions, Fencing, Windows, Panels, Curtains
Automotive OEM/Aftermarket : Underbody/Hood Components, Interior
Decorative : Hardware, Patio Furniture, Racking, Shelving
HDT-Heavy Duty Truck : HDT Interior/Exterior Components
Functional : Pipes/Valves/Tanks
Electrical Cabinetry/UL Applications : Electrical Cabinetry, Switch Boxes, Controls
Metal Building Products : Fencing, Metal Cladding, Tiles
Metal Office Furniture: Chair, Desk and File Cabinets
Healthcare, Schools, Childcare: Anti-microbial coatings
Hydro, Cables, Phone Exterior Control Boxes: Anti-graffiti coatings